Monday, June 23, 2008

October Tampa Show

There is an obedience trial in Tampa in October. I think I can have Scorch ready by then if we just step up the training schedule. We're going to start Novice classes at the SOTC (if they will let us jump ahead of Basic) in a few weeks.

Right now our goals are:
1. Stand for exam. The current state of this command is wretched. I'm ashamed to have neglected this exercise for as long as I have.
2. Anticipation of commands. "Come" and "sit vs. down" in particular.
3. Longer stays.

Other than that, we need to polish up our heelwork and start proofing. Oh, and be neutered. :) I don't know that I can bear waiting until 11 months.

Pictures from the park:

Wolfie is a whole lotta crazy.
100_0435 copy

100_0472 copy2

Cherry, a rescued Newf.
100_0489 copy

Harvey, her Newf brother.
100_0478 copy

Sammy, an older Lab.
100_0515 copy

I don't know this dog's name, but he enjoyed spending time with my pups.
100_0419 copy

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