Friday, September 21, 2007

Dreaming of trialing again

Well, Jack and Wolfie are on a break from showing, and I miss it. The only titles we ever got were CGCs for them. Wolfie's weak rear end makes it near impossible for him to hold a "sit" for very long and has caused him to lack hind-end awareness (he's unsure where to place his bottom in order to be straight or not tripping over obstacles).

Jack, on the other hand... well, Jack has turned into an asshole. My loving, sweet dog who used to go to dog parks and manage doggie playtimes at training school is no longer trustworthy around other dogs, and even some people.

Here is proof that he used to be friendly, swimming with Wolfie and his friend Cosette.
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I don't know what to do. He was my trialing dog and I want my old Jack back. Hopefully the thyroid medication will help. But last night was EXTREMELY frustrating. I took him to my training class, hoping to see some improvement. He acted like he did when I first got him... we've spent 3 years desensitizing him to strange dogs, and last night he was exploding at them, even while at safe distances. It feels like we haven't made any progress at all. :(
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I just want my old boy back.

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