Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two border collies and a Wookie

Why, what is this shaggy thing?

The strange bear-looking guy is Loki, a dog belonging to one of the vets I work with. She's out of town, so I'm puppy-sitting and he's joining us at the park.

Dr. B warned me that Loki didn't really know how to fetch. Yet, somehow, he picked it up from watching Scorch and proceeded to steal the ball every chance he got.

Scorch usually got it back though.

We had The Squeaky Ball, as well as a Jolly Ball that had been abandoned on the trails, so I thought I'd have enough to keep both boys occupied. Of course, a crazy lab-mix named Bear who ONLY WANTED OTHER DOG'S BALLS kept coming and ruining our fun. Scorch has turned into a barking fiend when he has the ball, which is what kept attracting Bear in the first place.

Wolfie pouting, on time-out for biting other dog's butts.

Now vogue.




We did finally meet the owner of Scorch's doppleganger. The dog is a female named Leta, and came from Southeast Border Collie Rescue. So strangely enough, we got our dogs through the same lady, although Scorch came more indirectly and was not a rescue. Leta is a lovely girl though, and I hope to see more of her at the park.

Countdown until moving to Sarsota: 18 days

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