Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Transporter

(Please note: all of the pictures in this post were taken by a cell phone. So there is some bluriness/fogginess in some of them)

So. I've had a temporary job description change. I've been working extra-hard lately to bring in some outside lines of puppies at work, who will hopefully go on to become breeders. It's at times frustrating and disappointing, but also exhilarating and exciting.

And, oh, did I mention adorable?

That little girl earned her wings (check the bottom of her coat) after flying to Florida with me from Montana. She's my most recent transport. She was a champ, enduring 2 long flights without so much as a peep (either vocally or accident-wise). Of course, as soon as we arrived at Tampa airport, I rushed her outside, thinking she'd be ready to burst. She simply looked at me and chewed on some sticks. I brought her back inside to head towards the parking garage, and she finally squatted on the tile floor. Oh well.

I actually went to Montana with the intentions of picking up an 8 month old female. Every potential dog that we visit must have a family history full of very specific health clearances. However, they also must have a stable, confident, trainable temperament.

The female I went to evaluate spent the good part of an hour looking like this:

Needless to say, I didn't go home with her. Luckily there was another puppy available. There was still some question about some of the health history, but I decided she was worth taking.

Where I stayed in Montana:

I love watching the milk bar:

Last week, I also made a trip up to Maryland. I had two puppies to choose from:

I chose the one who had a softer mouth. Otherwise, temperaments seemed very uniform and I could have taken either.

I stayed in Baltimore:


...which was sort of hilarious because I am NOT used to parallel parking. I managed to do it, and was so proud of myself for being straight and not hitting anything... until I realized I was a foot away from the curb. Oh well, it's still an accomplishment.

I picked out a restaurant on Yelp that sounded promising. The reviews did mention that the restaurant looked a little rough... yeeeeah, a bit of an understatement. I think there was a drug deal going on down the street while I was there. But whatever, because THIS is the magnificent sandwich I got to eat:

I've never had a crab cake whose size I could compare to a tennis ball. I was full for the next 12 hours or so.

Puppy was amazingly well behaved on the plane. I've really encountered very little static from airport staff, thankfully. These pups are service dogs in training, and legally I'm allowed to bring them with me. But that doesn't mean everybody knows that. I think the super-dose of cute, plus the peaceful behavior of the pups I've worked with thusfar, make acceptance much easier.

I also transported a lab from the east coast of FL. I could drive for that one luckily. I don't have a great picture of him, but I do have a photo that documents Norman's tolerance... he's finally learning how to deal with incoming dogs.

I sent a trainer to Louisiana, and my searching partner sent a trainer to Georgia. My upcoming planned trips include Wyoming, Virginia, Arizona, and Chicago. Traveling is exhausting but also fantastic. Scorch wasn't speaking to me much when I returned from this last trip... I don't think he's much of a fan of me leaving all the time. I keep promising him it's only temporary.

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