Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sick and tired of being sick and tired.. after being hit with the flu a couple of months ago, I have a sort of mini-flu taking me down now. I'm sweating buckets, and training is just NOT happening right now.

Add in the stress of the unknown, because Bryan got laid off of his job, and our training schedule has ground to a halt.

I'm still hoping to do some showing in the show cluster coming up in August; but maybe instead of debuting in Open, we might have a more enjoyable experience in Rally Excellent. If I can afford any showing at all.

At the very least, I've started taking our loose-leash walking more seriously, and Scorch has gotten some good work around the neighborhood. He's still just a FAST dog, and that may always be a hurdle for us.

Ugh. Here's hoping for a change in luck.

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