Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Demo dog

One of Scorch's Very Important Jobs is to demonstrate behaviors and exercises during my training classes. This job usually takes lots of preparation and training to be reliable, but I start puppies and foster dogs on it right away.

I think Scorch is up to the challenge.

Here I am explaining the game 101 Things To Do With a Box (erm, in this case a traffic cone). Look how tiny Scorchie is!
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Scorch just offered me a nose touch on the cone and has heard the click.
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Click is followed by a treat! I have a bad back, so I look ridiculous reaching down to him.
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And a demo of attention. Not too bad for 8 weeks old (and 6 pounds, 6 ounces)!
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(Why don't jeans ever fit me properly?)

I went to bed early last night because it had been a very long day at work. So that meant I had to wake up several times in the middle of the night to take puppy out. And now this morning, he is a bundle of energy while I'm not quite awake yet.

Yesterday, he went to Baby Puppy Daycare at work. The only other puppy there was a tiny Labrador who looks exactly like the Cottonelle Toilet Paper dog (that's a compliment, trust me). I'll try to get pictures of her. But not only did he have a great day playing with the baby Lab, he also got LOTS of socialization with the kids that were in and out of the building all day. He was quiet, sweet, and well behaved while he was inside, but apparently has a penchant for mud puddles and tossing around the water bowl while outside.

He's lucky that he's so charming. :)


Mafiosos! said...
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Mafiosos! said...

I love me some Scorch! That little puff of fluff giving you his focus cracks me up for some silly reason!

He's going to make one awesome demo dog for one awesome trainer. :)