Friday, November 16, 2007

Scorch is HOME!

My little firecracker has made it home, finally. I picked him up last night, rushing to get him the millisecond I got off of work. Already, I've learned a lot.

1. My original method of getting new dogs used to the car was working just fine. Usually I just wear the pup out and leave them loose in the backseat. I build up to crating/seat belting later. This time I started with the crate... the result: carsick! After two bouts of sick, I learned my lesson and Scorch was crate-free and puke-free on the ride home from the vet.

2. I forgot what puppies were like, and I forgot what BORDER COLLIE puppies are like. Wolfie wasn't quite this active, although he was close. Scorchie is finally passed out under the desk right now and it took a lot to get him to that point.

3. Having a new puppy and all these big plans ahead of us makes me flustered!

We saw Dr. Jeff (my boss) today for shots and Scorch did beautifully. He charmed everyone like an expert, and did his best to portray a calm, docile demeanor. Little liar. Dr. J said that Scorch is in great shape, appears healthy, and is going to be a beautiful dog. Everyone likes Scorchie's ears.

He's decided that he looooves Wolfie. The size difference is still a problem when they play, but Scorch is trying real hard. He humped Wolfie twice, and a low growl was enough to back him off. The Wolfman seems to like Scorch, but isn't quite enamored with him yet. I think he'll be happier when Scorch is big enough to wrestle with.

We went to bed last night at 10. Scorch woke me up at 12:30, we went outside to potty, and then he slept until I woke him up at 7am. Not too shabby. No accidents yet (fingers crossed!), and my goal is to maintain as close to zero as possible.

I was only able to get two decent pictures during this freezing morning. Once he wakes up again, I'll get some sunnier pictures to post.
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