Sunday, November 25, 2007

Diet woes

No new pictures today. I'll work on that tomorrow.

Scorch has been having loose stools since I brought him home. This is the first puppy I'm trying to raise on raw, and it hasn't been going well. I've only been feeding chicken, trying not to have any variety, and it hasn't gone over well.

I went to pick up Innova Puppy, and the store that sells the holistic kibble is gone. The other sources are closed on Sundays or farther away. So we're trying raw ground turkey mixed with pumpkin and FortiFlora (probiotics from work). So far, so good, no more gurgling noises from Scorch's gut.

He's still amazing. I've been trying to free shape the "down", which is somewhat challenging but he's really making the connection now. He's also learned how to have an "off switch", and is currently relaxing under the desk. Every day has been a socializing experiment and he's already been exposed to many kinds of people and animals.

He fell in the pool while at my parents' house (walked backwards into it!). Of course I was right there to rescue him, but I was so proud of him for bouncing back quickly. I wrapped him up in a towel and he wagged his tail happily at being picked up, even though he had just been dunked. I've been careful not to coddle him and he's coming along nicely. I love this confident little pup.

He's definitely filling Jack's shoes well. He's a talker like Jack, and likes to test the boundaries... and some of his little quirks are so... Jack. It warms my heart.

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